I want to make a purchase on behalf of the convention and have the vendor send a bill directly to the convention. What do I do?
The procedure for having a vendor bill the convention for items needed for the work of the convention are as follows: 1. Secure a quote from the vendor. That quote should reflect what is being purchased in detail: how many, the cost per unit, the total cost for each line item (number of units x cost per unit), the total of all lines, and the total sales tax for the purchase. 2. Contact the office of the executive secretary and secure a purchase order number. You will need to provide the details of the quote for the purchase order. 3. Once you have received the purchase order number from the Executive Secretary, you need to give that number to the vendor, instruct them to place it on their bill, and provide the services for which the number has been secured. Note: nothing should be done until the purchase order number has been given to you.
What is the Basis of Representation?
Church/District: Church Onsite Registration – 6 Delegates $150 District Onsite Registration – 2 Delegates $300 Unified Budget Church and District delegates are determined by the Unified Budget schedule Additional delegates (beyond limits) $10 Individual and Officer Registration: Individual (not a church delegate) $50 State/Congress Officer $50 Pastors/Ministers/Moderators $25