Date Title Author
Nov 5, 2019 Pastoral Search Lola J Thrower
Nov 27, 2017 Big Creek and Reedville District Laymen Banquet Lola Thrower
Nov 26, 2017 Former Convention President James Thrower passes Lola Thrower
Nov 10, 2017 Annual Session - Auxiliary Meeting Locations Lola Thrower
Oct 25, 2017 The Latest Edition of the Convention Newsletter Lola Thrower
Jun 10, 2017 Walter Cade, Jr. Workshop Non-Lodging Registration William Davis
Jun 10, 2017 137th National Laymen Session Information Available
Jun 9, 2017 Travel to Cincinnati for the National Convention Lola Thrower
Feb 12, 2017 Laymen Solicit Support for Aldrew Pace Scholarship and Other Laymen News Terry Coleman
Jan 6, 2017 Southeast District Laymen Announce Christian Leadership Institute Dea. Arnell Washington
Dec 24, 2016 Young People Department Announces Plans for New Year Cynthia Baker
Apr 22, 2016 Community Health Research Done in the Delta Robert J Thompson
Jul 3, 2015 National Baptist Convention President Re-affirms the Convention's Position on Same Sex Marriage Robert J. Thompson
Mar 27, 2015 A Sad Day in the History of National Baptists William Dwight McKissick, Sr.
Feb 16, 2015 Ninth Street Baptist Church Begins Pastor Search Ninth Street Baptist Church Pastor Search Committee
Nov 20, 2014 Election Guidelines Released Jerome Turner
Mar 11, 2014 National Baptist Congress partners with Office Depot to provide Scholarships Robert J. Thompson