RABC Aldrew Pace Laymen Scholarship

Attention all Local and District Laymen Presidents, Pastors, and Moderators:


You are about to discover information concerning our Regular Arkansas Laymen Scholarship, which is an opportunity to assist our young men to achieve the goal or dream to attend the college of their choice. In the first two years of the scholarship ministry, it was simply named the Regular Arkansas Laymen Scholarship; however, in November 2014, during the Annual Session, Bro. Terry Coleman, Laymen President, recommended a name change in special recognition of our President Emeritus, Bro. Aldrew Pace. It is now the Regular Arkansas Aldrew Pace Scholarship Award. 

The Chairman of the Scholarship Ministry is Bro. Aldrew Pace, along with Bro. Bruce Brown, Secretary, and member, Bro. Charles Whitmore.

Annually, the month of February is designated to raise funds to finance this scholarship effort. The goal has been to raise not less than $1,000 to be able to award two scholarships to deserving young men. We boldly solicit your prayers and faithful support toward this very important endeavor.

The donations may be given to Local and/or District Presidents. Donations may also be mailed to
 Bro. Clarence Ross, Secretary, at 176 Skunk Hollow Road, Conway, Arkansas 72032. Thank you, in advance, for your contributions.

Much Prayer, Much Power
Bro. Terry Coleman
State Laymen President

Laymen 2019 Scholarship Application

Announcing the RABC 2019 Aldrew Pace Scholarship
sponsored by the RABC Laymen Movement

Scholarships are available for current High School Graduating Seniors, ONLY, who are ACTIVE MEMBERS of one of the Baptist churches of Regular Arkansas Baptist Convention, Inc. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Scholarship applications must be received no later than May 30th, annually. No applications will be accepted after this date.

All monies will be sent to the recipient's Institution of Higher Education or returned to the convention should the recipient decide not to attend the institution.

Applications may be mailed to:
 Deacon Aldrew Pace, Scholarship Chairman
1407 E. 38th St.
Little Rock, AR 72206

Selection Criteria for Applicants:

Each member of the selection committee will be given a copy of each applicant's application. The following point system will be used to determine eligibility:

*Scholastic Standing                                                   30%
      Grade Point Average
     ACT and/or SAT Scores
*Church Involvement                                                   25%
     Letter of Recommendation
*School/Community Involvement                                25%
     Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
*Answers to Essay Questions                         20%

     TOTAL                                           100%


Scholarship amounts will be awarded on a gradient scale determined by Grade Point Average (GPA). In the event of a tie, the scholarship amount will be divided equally.

Please click the following link for a copy of the scholarship application:
RABC Laymen Scholarship Application